《Fire and Fury》

2018.02.26 22:30


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2018.02.07 20:30

아쉬움이 남는다. 


우리 정치계가 사드는 단순한 포대 하나가 아니라 받으면 중국을 잃고 안 받으면 미국을 잃는 메가톤급 재앙이라는 나의 메시지를 진지하게 받아들였다면 이토록 문제가 꼬이진 않았을 것이다. 

어차피 성주에 놓고 미군을 보호할 용도라면, 왜 캠프 캐럴 같은 널찍한 부지를 지목해 미군 스스로 알아서 하도록 하지 못했나 하는 유감이 남는다. 


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Future lock-in: Future implementation increases selection of ‘should’ choices

2018.02.07 09:46

Todd Rogers *, Max H. Bazerman Harvard Business School, Wyss Hall, Boston, MA 02163, USA 

Received 11 December 2006 
Available online 31 October 2007
Accepted by Scott Highhouse


People often experience tension over certain choices (e.g., they should reduce their gas consumption or increase their savings, but they do not want to). Some posit that this tension arises from the competing interests of a deliberative ‘‘should’’ self and an affective ‘‘want’’ self. We show that people are more likely to select choices that serve the should self (should-choices) when the choices will be implemented in the distant rather than the near future. This ‘‘future lock-in’’ is demonstrated in four experiments for should-choices involving donation, public policy, and self-improvement. Additionally, we show that future lock-in can arise without changing the structure of a should-choice, but by just changing people’s temporal focus. Finally, we provide evidence that the should self operates at a higher construal level (abstract, superordinate) than the want self, and that this difference in construal partly underlies future lock-in. 2007 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 


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《The Global Code》

2018.02.05 21:00

When there is a revolution, you run into your house, and when there is an earthquake you run out of your house. Don't get the two confused, because if you do, you will die.


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